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Consulting of building fillers and sheathings, building  consulting and supervising


Co. HERAIN Consulting s.r.o. offers consultancy services not only to builders of houses, apartments but also to investors who are dealing with constructions of industrial buildings, shopping centres, high-rise buildings, administrative complexes, storage shed and shop floors. The company was founded in 2012 related to the firm JH – Jiří Herain, founded in 2000. Since then the company has cooperated with many major investment companies, general building contractors, civil engineering and building consulting companies.

Since the beginning HERAIN Consulting s.r.o. has provided basic engineering services and consulting activities. In 2004 company HERAIN Consultings.r.o. diversified by very specialized work such as consulting and supervising of construction building fillers (windows, doors, winter-gardens) and sheathings (glazed façades and non-transparent building sheathings). In last eleven years HERAIN Consulting s.r.o. has gained a lot of experiences in many Czech and Slovak building constructions, such as high-rise buildings, glazed administrative building complexes, apartment buildings, storage shed and shop floors, family houses, etc.

HERAIN Consulting s.r.o. has been part of many realizations in domestic and foreign clients. Quality, professional skills and technical knowledge in the field of technical supervision and consultation secured professional level of work and made a very good reputation in building industry.


Windows inspection:

To our clients we provide review of project documentations, from which we mainly take into account the completeness, correctness and saving opportunities. The investor may also use our experience during negotiations with the contractor of windows and façades. However, the main purpose of windows inspections is a supervision during ongoing assembly on construction site.


  • revision of clients’ project documentation

  • cost management – control of budget spending for windows, doors and façades projects

  • searching for financial savings within inspection of the project documentation

  • creation of a tender documentation for window, door and façade supplier

  • consultation during negotiation of the contract between client and façade supplier

  • check of the sheathing supplier’s production documentation

  • supervision of windows, doors and façades realisation on the building sites

Façades inspection:

The facades inspection include checking of the suppliers sheathing production documentation. And after debugging the documentation we can proceed to supervision during ongoing assembly of alu, steel, ceramic, stone ventilated, raster, structural, semi structural, modular facades and ETICS on construction site.

  • check of the sheathing supplier’s production façade documentation

  • supervision of alu, steel, ceramic, stone ventilated façades and ETICS on the building sites

  • supervision of raster, structural, semistructural and modular façades on the building sites


Construction consultation
  • land surveys

  • development management

  • project management

  • cost engineering and project control

  • cost management

  • building surveying

  • construction management

  • construction supervision

  • advisory and consultancy services

  • facilities management consultancy

  • roof inspection

  • etc.

Appartment and house inspection

The main goal of this service is to provide you protection from buying a property which does not match an advertisement or description from real estate broker. We can provide a complete manual with description to what you should focus and how to gain as much information as possible about property. As well we will check technical condition of property in order to reduce possibility of future reclamation.

Safety coordinator on building site

Safety coordinator is a person who is professionally qualified for activity of coordinating health and safety work on a building site/construction, which standards are set by the contracting authority like investor or developer. According to building phases coordinator develops arrangements to ensure maximum safety on construction site, adjust them as necessary and provide records of compliance of this arrangements.

Construction disputies

If you are having certain disputes between you and contractor we can provide you legal aid with support of experienced team, also we can prepare technical documents and clarify them in court. We will help to enforce legitimate interest of the client, even in extremely complex disputes.

Energy assessment

Energy Performance Certificate evaluates the object under consideration in terms of energy consumption for heating, hot water, operation of ventilation and air-conditioning, artificial lightning for a certain period of time. Our company cooperates with a team of Certified Energy specialists with years of experience in the processing of energy performance certificates, application and implementation of subsidies from the Green Savings and energy consulting services, we can provide the necessary license for a bargain price.

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